Hypnosis Overnight

In the modern-day version of the Broadway play “On A Clear Day,” Dr. Mark Bruckner (played by Harry Connick, Jr.) hypnotizes his patient, David, to uncover the cause of his inability to move on with his life. Dr. Bruckner accidentally uncovers–and subsequently falls in love with–one of David’s past lives: a 1940’s cocktail waitress and aspiring singer named Melinda. When I went to go see this play with my family back in November 2011, I had mixed emotions about it. Despite my decades-old love for H.C., Jr., I did not fall in love with the play. And I never thought that I’d be thinking about, or researching, the concept of past-life regression therapy until I had a dream about it.

In my last post, I talked about a tidal wave of unworthiness that washed over me for a good 12-16 hours. While that wave dissipated on Monday morning, a low tide remained, occasionally pulling back and then sneaking up on me again. I could not quiet the constant chatter inside my head that I was not Good and did not deserve Happiness. Despite my awareness that it was “crazy talk,” it simply wouldn’t leave me alone. As with everything, I realized that a) it would eventually end and b) there must be a purpose for it.

That purpose revealed itself in the dream I had last night, a dream in which I underwent hypnosis with a large group of people. In the dream, we were told the hypnosis would clear us of all past “trauma” in our lives. We were warned that we might shake, cry, yell, or do “crazy things” but that we should just let it happen, as withholding from fully expressing ourselves would have a negative effect on the process. With this permission, I succumbed to the hypnosis in my dream and proceeded to do everything from spin in circles to act violently (things I would hopefully never do in my waking life!).

When I awoke this morning–the dream still fresh in my mind–I suddenly became aware that I had been exorcised of the pain and “negative talk” that had been residing deep within me. While it’s not clear if this pain/trauma was from this life or past lives, I knew that I was one step closer to getting back in touch with–and restoring–my soul…my good, pure Soul.

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2 thoughts on “Hypnosis Overnight

  1. What a blessing for you to experience such a subconscious revelation, which permeates into your conscious, and freeing your soul from its demons. Best night ever! And just think of the money you save by not having to go to a psychiatrist.

  2. Amazing! Your mind is taking care of itself and you. Agree with Mary Ann on the money savings, too. 😉 With some meditation, self-reflection and yoga, we can heal ourselves and let the good stuff flood in. And, by the way, many thanks for the abundance of posts!!! When’s the book coming?

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