“I found the workshop structure of yoga and writing to be incredibly freeing and useful. Maeve and Joni were a fabulous mentoring team that opened up the avenue of self exploration and reflection in me in a whole new way. Everyday for the past month I’ve used nuggets of wisdom or movements to continue the work on my own. I would suggest participating in a workshop with them to anyone!” – Sabrina, 2018

“I really liked the flow and variety of activities!  I liked your energy as well.” –yoga student, 2018  

“The session was informative and inspiring on a number of fronts. I really liked the way the class was conducted around the interests and needs of participants.”  –yoga student, 2018

“Yoga was wonderful, and I felt like a new woman after your class.”  -yoga student, 2017

“She is wonderful! Maeve has this energy about her, I could sit and listen to her talk all day and not get bored. I LOVED this workshop!”  -yoga teacher trainee, 2016

“I felt she fostered an environment that made it comfortable to speak my Truth. I take a lot of spiritually-oriented classes and this one really stands out.” -yoga student, 2015

“The asana portion was extraordinary, in that it helped my body release some emotions and open up to new possibilities. I awoke the following Monday morning with joy, stretching my arms out widely and shouting a big ‘Yes!’ to the universe. I don’t recall ever having done that before.”  -yoga teacher trainee, 2014

“Maeve’s strong experience as a yoga teacher, her high level of skill and expertise, and her intuitive and insightful approach to yoga communicated a sense of authority and depth. Her gracefully performed asanas gave evidence to her interest in dance and her joy of yoga was well communicated and felt by the students.”  -yoga teacher trainee, 2014

“The session was very well-organized. Maeve began and ended the session with questions which I found to be the most helpful content. Her questions at the beginning of the session framed the upcoming discussion and encouraged students to probe their experience and awareness in dealing with emotions. Those at the end helped students apply what they learned in the session to their personal emotional growth and development.”  -yoga teacher trainee, 2014

“Maeve speaks with expertise yet honestly explains that every day is a work in progress.”  -yoga teacher trainee, 2014

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