Breaking Through The Soil

While out raking leaves in the yard today, I was once again reminded of how spring offers all living things another chance. Just like the small bud of a tulip pushes itself through the soil with determination, I understand that no matter how much dirt we acquire in life, we can still burst through a new layer and be even more beautiful.

It was this small observation of nature that made me realize just how necessary it is to forgive ourselves for saying or doing something we are not proud of. When we feel insecure or fearful (i.e., when we carry around an emotion or cling to a falsehood that distorts our authentic self), we must remember to shake it off like dirt in order to reveal what lies underneath. Say what you need to say to the person you love. Forgive yourself for acting irrationally. Because once the darkness is over, you will burst forth and shine in the light.

Published by grkeyo

educator ~ yoga teacher

One thought on “Breaking Through The Soil

  1. Great post! Love the analogy of shaking the dirt off to uncover the truth and beauty underneath. Spring is the perfect time for rebirth and revitalization of self!

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