It’s Really That Simple

We forget to take care of ourselves. We do. It’s a fact. Every human being on this planet just simply forgets to care for themselves at various intervals in their lives. The question is…why? Because when we forget, we fall back into old patterns. Many of us reach for things that don’t make us feel good when we’re already not feeling good. For example: do you drink too much alcohol when you’re already feeling stressed out? Do you rush around when you’re feeling pulled in 20 different directions, trying to get it all done? Do you feel pessimistic about life when a tragedy happens? If so (and here’s the good news), then you’re normal. Trust me, it happens to everyone. But listen up. Here is the key to your happiness: be aware of your intake. Be very aware. Stop and think about how the things you absorb into your body and mind are fueling you. Are they helping you to move forward and feel beautiful? Are they helping you feel appreciative…and worthy of a lifetime of happiness? Or do you feel like a lot of junk is just swishing around inside, polluting your cells, affecting your thoughts? Remember: Our bodies and minds need the same exact thing. They both need to take in and absorb what keeps us strong, mindful, and healthy. The rest must pass right through us.

Published by grkeyo

educator ~ yoga teacher

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