We Are All Seesaws

Year after year, the passing of the New Year marks a point in my life at which I feel I must reassess where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Resolutions are helpful but as we all know, they don’t always stick. If and when we break those resolutions, we may start to feel guilty… and before we know what’s hit us, we’re starting the new year off by feeling as though we’ve already let ourselves down. We may then start to overcompensate for the let down by going the extra mile (e.g., running extra hard on the treadmill, eating salad for dinner every night).

Ugh, how exhausting.

As Cindi Lee points out in her article “Still Moving: The Way It Is,” many of us run ourselves ragged because of our “overstimulated lifestyle.” We then seek out something to balance ourselves as a way of compensating for how incredibly stressed out we may feel.

If you’re anything like me, you are very interested in the experience of stillness. My urban apartment in the “city that never sleeps” happens to be above a bar that hosts mostly terrible, always loud rock bands; next door to a car mechanic who starts gunning engines at 7:00 am; and one block away from the famous Bowery Avenue, which used to be quiet and funky but now is hip, crowded, noisy, and funky. This neighborhood is all about activity, nearly 24/7.

But you don’t have to be a big-city dweller to have a congested or overstimulated lifestyle. Agitated by the unreliability of our economy, volatility of worldwide politics, and general sense of unease about the future of our planet, many of us feel an urge for a balancing corrective, a mental salve.

In other words, we are all seesaws. For some of us, one end of the seesaw may be ambition and goal-seeking. The other end of the seesaw is whatever we choose to make it. Whether it’s yoga or running or reading a book, it’s whatever what keeps us balanced. Imagine what would happen if we could get the seesaw to balance on its own…all the time.

Let that be your goal this year.

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educator ~ yoga teacher

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