Never Doubt

This morning, I received an email that triggered an old thought pattern: ‘Oh shit, I messed up. I’m a disappointment and this guy thinks I suck.’

After meditating and noticing how quick I (still) am to judge myself, I stopped and reread the email. This time, I saw it through a different lens: ‘Wow, this guy is stressed. He sounds like he’s worried things are going to fall apart. He’s trying to maintain control and probably doesn’t realize the impact of his written words.’

I had written about this concept in an article called “You’re Not Fill-in-the-Blank” back in March 2016 and was happy to realize that I had automatically implemented my own advice from over a year ago:

Step 1: Reflect on why you feel wounded
Step 2: Stand boldly in your grace
Step 3: Practice self-care

After taking some time to reflect on how I felt about the job I had done (the one that my email sender was disappointed in), I realized that the project I had been assigned was not my strong suit. But this did not mean I sucked as a human being. It simply meant that I couldn’t (nor shouldn’t) know how to do everything. None of us should.


You can’t do everything. You are learning every day.
Forgive yourself for thinking that you are less than. 
And forgive the person who made you feel that way.
Never doubt who you are or the work that you do.
You do your best and are enough.


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