How Do You Handle Chaos?

‘What an odd question to ask,’ I thought. The question had been posed to me during a job interview…and as soon as I heard it, I felt my body tense and my posture change.

I struggled to find the words. “Fairly well, I suppose,” I replied.

The truth was: I had spent the last 40 years of my life separating myself from chaos. I now make a point to surround myself with people and places that are the opposite of chaos. But this takes hard work. We are not necessarily conditioned to walk away from things that are loud, flashy, and fast-moving.

Family life. The city. Toddlers. The life of the party.

And without chaos, there would be no order…right?

Some of us have to be pushed and prodded to be reminded of what a chaotic-free lifestyle even feels like. This is why we escape with distractions (wine, TV, WiFi), take vacations, or cry into our bed sheets on Sunday nights.

It should come as no surprise that the word “chaos” comes from the Greek word meaning “abyss” or “vast and empty.” When we finally walk away from chaos, we realize just how hollow it made us feel. And how hungry it made us for serenity.

Living a life without chaos is what I consider “living yoga off my mat” and I’m blessed to do it almost every single day. It’s peaceful and replenishing.

As for the job interview? Sure, I can handle chaos…but I certainly don’t want to anymore.



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educator ~ yoga teacher

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