You Inspire Me

“You inspire me.” That’s what the woman I met this afternoon told me. I laughed because we’d only know each other 10 minutes before she looked deeply into my eyes and said those three magical words to me. They were far better than “I love you” or even “I miss you” and they confirmed things for me…things I’d already known but (apparently) still wanted a stranger -someone not biased or related to me- to recognize.

Little did I know that her validation of me living my Truth would feel so powerful. It was similar to hearing Miranda July say, “You can do anything you want” and not meeting it with a knee-jerk “Yeah sure, Mandy.” Or reading Rebecca Campbell’s words, “In softening to our true nature, we each forge a path without even trying.”

Overcoming adversity is not a prerequisite to forging a new path, but after we’ve hacked through the shit with our metaphorical machetes, we come out the other side with bruised knees and battered souls and realize that, in fact, this life was designed so-very-perfectly for us. Sure…we struggle, we cry out with desperate pleas, we grapple with our decisions, and we wonder why things aren’t as easy for us as they appear to be for others. But then we fall to our knees, look up, and somehow arrive at a place where we understand that we are here to live a new life, not the one by which our past generations have been bound to repeat over and over.

This discovery is as perfect as the crescent moon scar that my kitchen lamp left on my forehead as I was hastily packing up my house last August…an incident that felt horribly meant-to-be, blood and all. When I learned that the Priestesses of Avalon have crescent moon tattoos on their foreheads, it once again validated what I knew to be true all along. That I continue to rise and inspire…magically and authentically. That we all do.

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2 thoughts on “You Inspire Me

  1. Inspiring thoughts… and so very much aligned with the spiritual journey we each can touch if we but stop and realize it’s just part of our every day choice. Thank you!

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