Gabrielle Bernstein

“Faith is a muscle. What we need will be given to us.” -Gabby Bernstein

I had the honor of seeing Gabrielle Bernstein (“Gabby” as she is known to her friends, family, and fans) at Omega last weekend. It was a solo trip I’d decided to take for a few reasons…the main reason being that it had been almost 365 days since my last vacation and I desperately needed to get away.

I’ll admit, I didn’t know what to expect. I had only seen pictures of Gabby and read one of her books, Miracles Now. And yes, I may have passed a little judgment, wondering: ‘How on earth could this 34 year-old New Yorker fashionista consider herself a “spiritual adviser”?!?’ As if she already knew that’s what we were all thinking, she told us: “Listen, there’s is nothing wrong with being a spiritual girl in a material world.”

Two years ago, well+good wrote about Gabby’s insta-fame and predominately female following: “While a spiritual guru’s youth and lack of experience would be a crutch for some, for Bernstein, it’s a golden ticket. The thing that draws women to her is that her problems are just like theirs—but she knows how to solve them.”

The 150 people that filled Omega’s main hall to hear Gabby speak last weekend was a true testament to her talents as a presenter and her innate ability to speak with the kind of conviction that I strive for. When I spoke with her mother “Fritzy,” she told me: “Gabby wasn’t always this good. She has worked very hard to get here.” Gabby confirmed just how far she’s come in nine years: from a drug addict to a teacher who inspires people to rise above their addictions and accept the fact that a higher power is always working on our behalf. In fact, Gabby believes that we have angels helping us at all times. Yes, angels.

On Saturday, she guided us through a powerful “Liberation Kriya,” a Kundalini pose that requires you to hold your right arm in the air with index finder pointed toward the sky and left hand behind your back with index finger pointed toward the earth. The suggestion is to practice this kriya for nine minutes a day for 40 days in order to achieve liberation, feel renewed, and stimulate change in the molecular structure of your mind and body. And oh yea, it opens up your auric field which in turn opens you up to receiving your angels. That part is not a joke. It actually works. It is—and I say this with conviction—the number one reason why people should experience Gabby’s workshop.


  1. Understand the power of your presence (i.e., do whatever it takes to love yourself and believe in your self-worth)
  2. Witness the moments when you are not “all in” (e.g., at work, around people you don’t like)
  3. Ask yourself how you can “come back home” when you’re not all in (e.g., breathe, exercise, meditate, say a prayer)
  4. Surrender and ask for guidance (e.g., “Help me reinterpret this situation, Universe.”)

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