Where We Are

On Monday, I woke up to a severe thunderstorm. The meteorologist on TV advised rush hour commuters to hang tight until the storm passed through Hartford…roughly 8:30 a.m. or so. I had no problem with this. A little voice inside my head said, ‘C’mon, it’s only rain, right?’ but still…for whatever reason…something made me hold off going into work. Call it “morning procrastination” or a “gut instinct” (or a combination of the two) but when I finally got in my car and headed north on 91, I was glad I had waited.

There were car crashes on both sides of the highway so I can only assume visibility during the storm had been pretty bad. As I passed a third accident in Springfield, traffic slowly began to pick up its pace again. That’s when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a tall tree fall across three lanes of traffic, landing on the cars just a few feet behind me. It was one of those slow motion moments in life in which I saw the destruction happening and felt weak at the realization that I had somehow narrowly escaped it.

If you have ever experienced moments like this before–as I have–then you may also know what it feels like: that instant rush of adrenaline to the brain, a surge of conflicting emotions: relief (for being okay/alive) and sadness (for those affected), and realizing that a quick scan of your surroundings for evidence of a guardian angel wouldn’t be all that crazy.

As the scene disappeared from my rear view mirror, I realized that I could not change what was behind me. I could only move forward and continue to appreciate the gifts that life gives us with age: awareness, gratitude, and expansion.

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2 thoughts on “Where We Are

  1. Talk about a life changing Monday morning commute! Thank God for your astute intuition and for your guardian angel, who insured that you were not in the wrong place at the wrong time!

  2. So glad you are ok. Glad you left at the exact moment you did. And yes, we must look forward. Isn’t that what age and wisdom tell us. Change what’s to come rather than focus on what was. Great advice from my favorite yogi: YOU!

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