Grace Is Everywhere

I’m always amazed at how the universe keeps repeating the same message over and over, just to make sure we’re really listening. Case in point: Today’s post in The Daily Love, courtesy of the amazing Mastin Kipp:

Instead of judging a situation as “bad”, a “setback” or a “quitting point”, look at it this way: see GRACE.

You have no idea how protected, guided and looked after you are. When you look back at this moment in a few weeks, months or years, you very well will look back and see a blessing instead of a setback. So train your mind to refrain from judging a situation. Believe in grace. Instead of running away from your dreams, just sit with the uncomfortable feelings, meditate, take care of yourself and let them pass through you.

Do not run away because it is uncomfortable. Stay BECAUSE it is uncomfortable. Let your fears be purified by facing them. Let your judgments fade by not reacting to them and seeing how they play out over time. Humble yourself and know that things don’t have to go YOUR WAY for you to be happy. There could be a way that is being guided from The Uni-verse that is much greater than you could ever imagine.

Emotional fitness, humility and a grace-filled mind will take you where you need to go. Let go of the judgments. Let go of the expectations and just show up fully with whatever you are feeling today. But do not turn back. Stay in the fire. You are not being burned – you are being purified.

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2 thoughts on “Grace Is Everywhere

  1. Thanks for turning me on to Mastin Kipp’s The Daily Love post, which I now enjoy and learn from every day.

  2. Funny, one of my crossfit coaches talks about being uncomfortable all of the time. The more willing you are to be uncomfortable, the more you grow as an athlete. Clearly as a person, too. Another awesome post! Love this and the Daily Love. Perfect for a dose of good medicine. xoxo

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