10 Things That Make Me Happy

I’m always getting inspiration from other sites to help shape the evolution of Grace Kelly Yoga. Today’s inspiration came from Life In A Venti Cup. You see, this blog is not just about yoga and meditation, it’s about discovering what makes you happy, each and every day. It’s about appreciating what you have, even when it’s cloudy and rainy and you just stepped in a mud puddle on your way to work (yea, I did that). It’s about shedding anxiety and fear and feeling confident about who you are, even if you’re not doing your life’s ambition. It’s about always returning to the path that allows life to be fun and childlike even when sadness or tragedy is standing at your doorstep. It’s about loving yourself because you continually do the work to be the best version of yourself so that you can help others.

Below, I’ve listed ten things (in no particular order) that make me happy…besides the obvious ones like family, friends, health, etc.! What are 10 things that make YOU happy?

1. The lululemon manifesto
Long before I started working for lululemon, the manifesto was always something that inspired me when life just seemed like nothing more than a rat race. I now keep copies of the manifesto all over the place. Chances are reading just one of the 31 phrases will lift my spirits and get me back on the right track.

2. Home decorating magazinesI don’t know what it is but every time I open up my mailbox and see the new issue of Elle Decor or House Beautiful waiting for me, I get ridiculously excited. It’s not so much about getting tips for my own house (since I can rarely afford what’s in the magazines!) but rather seeing how color palettes are put together in the home. It’s art and inspiration in one and it’s the perfect excuse to sit down and relax on the couch.

3. Burning incenseBurning incense is the best way to start a yoga class or meditation practice. Without fail, my students enter the yoga room and say, “It’s smells so good in here!” Vanilla incense is one of my favorites; it has a calming and balancing effect. Essential oils are also a good way to guide your mood. For a directory of scents and their effects, click here.

4. Whole Foods MarketWhole Foods Market is one of my favorite places to go on a Sunday. Sure, it can be packed with people but there’s something about the freshness of the fruit in the produce section, the way the aisles are marked with unique products (I could spend hours in the Whole Body section), and the general positive attitude of the people working there that makes the experience very enjoyable.

5. PaintingWhile I don’t paint canvases anymore, I still derive the same kind of joy from painting the walls in my house. There’s something about seeing the paint smooth away imperfections and create change before my eyes that brings me a sense of calm and satisfaction. As Linda Novick says in The Painting Path: “Painting is a powerful tool that can help us to access our spirit.”

6. SnowGood thing I live in New England, huh? While I’m not crazy about freezing cold temperatures, there’s something undeniably beautiful about thick snowflakes falling from the sky. It encourages us to drag that sled out of the garage and slide, childlike and laughing, down a hill. Snow also gives us permission to break our routine and stay indoors, as we look out the window and secretly hope it never stops.

7. Dark chocolateHands down, dark chocolate is THE best thing to eat after dinner. Not only does it taste delicious, it contains antioxidants and can lower blood pressure. Try a piece or two with a glass of red wine!

8. The body brushThe body brush was something that was recently introduced to me by my holistic health counselor. I now use my body brush every morning before showering. It feels great on the skin (how easy it is to forget the the skin is an organ!) and has numerous benefits, including: opening the pores to stimulate lymphatic drainage and rejuvenate the nervous system.

9. Luna Luna, my 10 year-old Maltese, is a piece of work. She still finds ways to surprise me on a daily basis, whether it’s by tipping over an entire basket of laundry so she can run around the house with a sock in her mouth or creating a tower of pillows on the couch so that she climb on top of them for her nap. At only 6 lbs, she’s demanding and assertive and she proves that life’s purpose is to nap every day and get as many treats as possible.

10. HalloweenWho doesn’t love dressing up, eating candy and spooking your friends? While the holiday’s historical tradition was to honor the dead, we celebrate it today as an excuse to expect the unexpected. It’s one of the few holidays that always has a surprise element to it…and what’s not fun about that?




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