A Snow-Covered Rose

A little over a year ago, as I was lying in savasana pose, the image of two red roses in bloom came to me. What did it mean? I had NO idea. Two weeks ago, again as I was lying in savasana, the image of a snow-covered rose popped into my head. It looked just like the image above. Clearly my mind was trying to tell me something. Right?

My mother’s theory is that the roses symbolize Saint Theresa. In Catholicism, Saint Theresa, who died at the age of 24, was known as the Little Flower of Jesus. When someone sees the image of a rose, it supposedly means that Saint Theresa has answered your prayers. Now I’m not a terribly religious person. Sure, I was baptized, went to CCD, got confirmed, and had those awkward confessions when the priest is behind the screen and you’re sweating bullets, trying to figure out if you should tell him about stealing that Snickers bar when you were 10. But I digress…

And while my maternal grandmother was a big believer in praying to saints for different reasons (she frequently prayed to Saint Anthony, “the patron saint of lost things,” when she couldn’t find something), I don’t pray on a regular basis. However, there is something about yoga and its connection to faith. Judith Lasater defines yoga as “a practice of observation and faith.”  I cannot deny the fact that yoga has reopened my eyes to the belief in a higher power, whether that be the universe as a whole, God, or some other religious idol.

I’m still trying to figure out what my snow-covered rose symbolizes. A quick search online leads me to the legend of the Christmas Rose, a symbol of deep Christian faith and devotion. Perhaps. If anyone has any ideas, please send them my way. Although…sometimes it’s better not knowing why I see these images. I simply take comfort in, and am amazed by, the fact that the practice of yoga can open my mind in such a mystical and mysterious way.

I’ll keep practicing to see what may come next. Or as Saint Theresa said: “I will let fall from heaven…a shower of roses.”

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educator ~ yoga teacher

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