To Get Results, Do Nothing

All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness. -Eckhart Tolle

As a child, my sister and I would spend summers at my grandparents’ houses; half the summer was spent with my father’s parents, the other half with spent with my mother’s parents. One of my fondest memories from those summers was my paternal grandmother’s tradition to make us chocolate desserts: chocolate cakes, and most often, chocolate pudding…which she would cook ever-so-slowly on the stove. On these occasions, I would stand at the stove and anxiously wait for the water to boil so that my grandmother could pour in the chocolate pudding mix.

My grandmother would always say to me: “Get away from the stove. A watched pot will never boil.” I had no idea what that meant at the time. But I do now.

My sister would describe me as an “impatient person.” Perhaps. Yet what may be perceived as impatience is actually what I would consider to be my full-throttle motivation to accomplish goals, swiftly and efficiently. This has translated into my career as well as my love life (I once had an ex-boyfriend tell me: “I can’t do things as quickly as you’d like me to.”). Hmmm. Is this what my grandmother meant when she told me to stop staring at the pot of water?

Today, I find myself exasperated from searching for jobs day after day. My motivation and die-hard determination has me applying to, on average, one job a week. I started my search back in March and so far…nada. According to NPR, the average job searcher spends 26.2 weeks looking for a job. That’s six long months of waiting! For the pot of water to boil. Just so I can have my damn pudding.

Which brings me to my dream this past Saturday night. For many yogis, dream analysis is key to unlocking the subconscious. And as we all know, sometimes we remember our dreams and other times we do not. For some reason, I cannot forget this dream. It comes back to me, demanding that I pay attention to its message.

The dream is as follows:

I dreamt of a beautiful and happy woman who had it all: lots of children and an amazing house in the country where she entertained her friends and family. I walked across the street from my house to hers and asked her how she achieved all that she had. Her long blond hair hung casually down around her face as she looked up at me and replied, with a smile: “I did nothing.”

In yoga, breathing and being still is essential to surrendering to “what is” and finding inner freedom. How easy it is to lose sight of that! I can search for jobs until the cows come home or I can stop, be still, and let things happen.

I think my grandmother would be proud.

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