Dogs and the Divine

Someone once told me that dogs adapt to their owner’s temperament. In other words, if the owner is constantly anxious or erratic, the dog will be too. However, if the owner is calm and relaxed, the dog will follow suit.

It’s not unusual for my dog to follow me around the house at night or to stick close by when visitors come over. But imagine my surprise when, after settling into savasana during a yoga sequence last night, I discovered that my dog had snuck into the room and positioned herself on my meditation pillow. When I looked up, her eyes were closed and it appeared as though she were meditating.

I am often reminded that when things get tough or when our lives become stressful, we can look to our dogs for answers. Sure, there are lots of inspiring dog stories out there. However, even the most ordinary-seeming dog (when given the the proper love and care) can teach us how to be a better person. Not only do dogs teach us how to be more patient and responsible, they teach us about what it means to be truly divine.

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educator ~ yoga teacher

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