Creating A Yoga Space

With the piano now gone, I quickly got started on converting my old drab sun room into a relaxing yoga space.

A few things to consider before getting started on the transformation:

1. How much would it cost?
2. What color would I use?
3. What kind of art/supplies would help achieve a relaxing mood in the room?

While I was fortunate to already have dimmer lighting and lots of natural light in the room, I knew that I would also have to purchase curtains to replace the ugly brown window blinds I had taken down.


For anyone who wants to create a space such as the one below, rest assured. It does not cost a lot of money.

Here’s an itemized list of what I spent for my yoga room makeover.

  • 1 Can of Behr paint (color: Smoked Mauve): $30
  • 4 curtain panels from Target: $80
  • 1 piece of wall art from Pier 1: $20 (with coupon)
  • 1 side table from HomeGoods: $25
  • 2 baskets from HomeGoods (to hold yoga supplies): $20
  • 4 matching yoga mats from Ocean State Job Lot: $25

Total: $200


I have already practiced in this room a few times, usually early in the morning and I find the light purple color of the walls extremely soothing (purple is the seventh chakra, the crown chakra). And in the evenings, somehow… almost magically, the color turns to gray.

“The color of truth is gray.” – Andre Gide

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educator ~ yoga teacher

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